"your Least Cost Route to Profitability"

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AutoLCR - Automated Least Cost Routing
for Nextone/Nextpoint, Sansay and NetSapiens

Maximize your profits...
Eliminate costly rate errors...
Increase productivity...

AutoLCR is a scalable, fully automated Least Cost Routing system, using complex longest digit match algorithms to manage routing for your VOIP switch. Least Cost Routes are prioritized on profitability, and non-profitable routes are blocked automatically.

We designed
AutoLCR to minimize the amount of “hands on?time required to manage the routing and update your switch. AutoLCR automatically imports carriers, codes and rates from your existing billing system, eliminating duplicate data entry errors. 

AutoLCR provides unprecedented switch integration. Implementing proprietary interfaces, AutoLCR imports endpoints/resources/connections from your VOIP switch creating a centralized view of your switches. Update selected information directly from AutoLCR . All routing data is automatically updated directly from AutoLCR .

AutoLCR handles millions of code combination to determine the Least Cost Routes. Off loaded to the Routing Server, your switch is never bogged down with the millions of routes needed to route even a small number of customers and vendors. Utilizing a SIP redirect server and proprietary routing algorithms, AutoLCR can instantly route calls to the least cost carriers while handling millions of possible code combinations. QOS issues? No problem, we provide a full set of routing adjustments to correct any routing problems.

We provide many tools and reports, including rate analysis, LCR reporting and trace routes. With our new CDR functions, we provide operational and revenue reports to evaluate your performance and profitability.

AutoLCR is simply the easiest to use, most functional, Least Cost Route generation software on the market today.

f you are ready for a Demo of AutoLCR, go to our demo page and sign up today...